Veterinary clinics
Mouriés & Saint-Rémy-de-Provence

Dedicated space
for cats
& and dogs


Dedicated space for cats

Our clinics have been accredited "Cat Friendly Clinic" since 2018.».
This programme is run by the International Cat Care Foundation and the International Society of Feline Medicine. This programme brings veterinarians together, expert cat professionals and animal protection associations throughout the world.

Our clinics have been designed for cats to feel as serene as possible: A waiting area separate from dogs, a consultation room specific to cats and also a bright and soundproof hospitalisation area entirely reserved for them. These spaces allow us to create an environment adapted to our feline friends: no smell, no noise, individual boxes not overlooking other cats and adapted disinfection products.

Dedicated space for dogs

Two consultation rooms are dedicated to dogs.

Each patient has a hospitalisation space adapted to their size.
Spacious and individual cages are available, as well as 2 kennels for large dogs, so that they can lie down and turn around without any problem.

The kennels are cleaned and disinfected (with eco-responsible and non-carcinogenic products) several times a day to guarantee impeccable hygiene. Finally, the hospitalised dogs are regularly taken out for walks by our assistants.

Cat Friendly Clinic


VétosAlpilles veterinary clinics are officially accredited as "Cat Friendly Clinics”. This label, awarded by the ISFM (International Society of Feline Medicine), indicates that the clinic provides a high quality of care for cats, as well as:

• A separate waiting area where cats can be placed high up and visually isolated from their peers and dogs where they will feel safe while waiting.

• We reserve one of our consultation rooms for cats to avoid our dog friends leaving odours that are not appreciated by cats; soothing pheromones are also used.

• Cats are hospitalised in a dedicated room away from other species where soothing pheromones are permanently diffused. For hospitalisation that lasts more than a day, each cat is provided with a sufficiently spacious cage, a place to perch, to hide and play with suitable toys.

• Cats are handled and restrained in a way that absolutely minimises stress (gentle restraint and light sedation when gentle restraint is not possible).

• We have the knowledge and equipment necessary to manage cat care (blood pressure measurement equipment, digital radio, dental equipment adapted to cats, ultrasound scanner ...).

Obtaining the Cat Friendly Clinic accreditation involves all staff members, both assistants and veterinarians. It is a philosophy of working

For more information on the conditions of accreditation :