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In medicine

Consultations are carried out by all the clinic's veterinarians.

In addition to general medicine, each vet has particular areas of interest and expertise. Ask our assistants to book an appointment with the practitioner of your choice, or via our online appointments.

From general medicine
adapted to the age of your companion.
Reproduction monitoring

In orthopaedics

Orthopaedic consultations are aimed at diagnosing locomotor pathologies in your pets (limping).

Consultations are carried out by Dr SEVETTE, who has carried out specific training with renowned colleagues (former intern at the Centre Hospitalier Vétérinaire Frégis, former assistant of surgery and anaesthesiology at the Ecole Nationale Vétérinaire de Lyon).

After the consultation, various diagnostic examinations can be carried out: orthopaedic examinations in vigil and/or under anaesthesia, X-rays under anaesthesia (hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, shoulder OCD, etc.).

X-rays of the hips and elbows for LOF confirmation (pedigree dogs intended for breeding) are exclusively carried out by Dr Sevette.


Canine osteopathy: feel, and then understand

The hand that feels is the first act of the therapeutic relationship with your pet, which is an essential part of the osteopathic consultation. After a bio-mechanical assessment, different correction techniques are used in the following areas depending on the location, intensity and nature of the lesion in order to make your pet more comfortable.

Osteopathic manipulations :

Canine Osteopathy - Problems found in dogs :
- ARTHROSIS => spine, hip, elbow, knee
- Non-surgical and post-operative HERNIATED DISC
- MUSCULAR TENSIONS and TRIGGERS POINTS (dogs active in sport)
- MANAGEMENT OF OVERWEIGHT and physical activity


In surgery

Surgeries are performed by Dr Sevette, who, after an internship at the Frégis veterinary hospital, spent a year as an assistant at the veterinary school in Lyon..
He also performs :

- General surgery : sterilisations, removal of masses, caesarean sections...
- Orthopaedic surgery : placing osteosynthesis plates on fractures, management of dysplastic animals...
- - Visceral surgery : removal of foreign bodies...

Our surgical block is fully equipped, regularly maintained and renewed with the evolution of technology. We use:

- Three gas anaesthesia machines
- Two electric scalpels
- Several anaesthetic monitoring
- Four infusion pumps

After each surgery, all our instruments are sterilised by an autoclave. This is a moist heat steriliser, this technique, which is also used in human surgery department, allows the elimination of infectious agents. In 2018 this new device was added to the clinic's sterilisation equipment.


In anaesthesiology

We pay special attention to pain management: Since 2018 the VetosAlpilles clinic has been part of the “Cap Douleur” veterinary network, to continue education aimed at the permanent improvement of pain management for pets.(

Each animal, for each surgery, benefits from close veterinary monitoring and surveillance in order to guarantee the anaesthetic safety of your pets and to ensure that any intervention takes place in optimal conditions.

Before each operation, a pre-anaesthetic check-up adapted to our patients is offered : it is important to make sure that the organs involved in the elimination of anaesthetic products are functioning properly.


In ultrasounds

The veterinarians in our clinics carry out abdominal ultrasounds for our patients but also for patients referred by other colleagues.

They receive regular training throughout the year and are members of the AFVAC (French association of pet veterinarians) which provides a large part of our annual training.

Dr. Valli has a degree in internal medicine and has completed numerous training courses in cardiology. She carries out echocardiographies for dogs and cats. She participates in numerous training courses in order to offer recommendations in accordance with current data.


In radiography

We have a digital X-ray machine at our disposal. It is a powerful and non-invasive imaging system. The power of the device allows us to X-ray all animals from guinea pigs to the largest dogs.

The digital workstation allows us to obtain highly sensitive examinations. Our digital X-ray machine allows us to take very high-quality X-rays, consistently and quickly, and to store them on the clinic's computer network so that they can be accessed at any time.

The images can be sent to you by either e-mail or on a USB key. X-rays are an important part of diagnosis in cardiology, pneumology, gastroenterology and orthopaedics.


Complete blood tests

Our analysis laboratory is modern and fully equipped. Every year, an investment is made in this area in order to offer an ever faster and more efficient diagnosis.
This laboratory allows us to operate almost autonomously, to follow our patients at their bedside (results in less than ten minutes) and to have only a few samples to send to an external laboratory.

We are equipped with a range of IDEXX equipment, specially developed for animals and calibrated for each species, enabling us to carry out numerous analyses: blood count, biochemistry, endocrinology...
But other devices are also available to :

- make a diagnosis on masses
- carry out coagulation tests
- follow our diabetic patients
- research leishmaniasis, dirofilariasis and many other infectious diseases


In nutrition

We have a wide range of pet food at your disposal which we have chosen for their high quality (high quality of raw materials, high digestibility, high palatability etc).

Due to its age, breed and medical history, one animal will not have the same nutritional needs as another. Nutrition contributes to the health and well-being of your animal, so our teams are trained to give you advice on the choice of food to be given to your animal.

In addition, we offer adapted household rations prepared by a veterinary nutritionist, so you can feed your pet in a balanced way by preparing the products you have chosen.

There are 2 main types of food to be distinguished :

- Physiological maintenance food: intended for animals in good health - Therapeutic food: intended for animals suffering from a pathology as an essential complement to medical treatment

We can provide you with many other references than those available at the clinic, simply place an order with our assistants or from our online shop.



We welcome feline boarders all year round at the Saint-Rémy-de-Provence clinic, an area of 30 m2 is dedicated just to them, with big bay windows giving them a lovely view!.

Medical animals can also be accommodated.